In a digital landscape where life’s little stories disappear in a day, I hold near-desperately on to something that makes them last longer — the written word.

I’ve always been a storyteller, pen and ink first then fingertips to keypads. I believe in a story, in the intention, in the direction, how it begins and how it ends.

So when story became Story and came with a ticking time bomb, I felt adrift — something so fleeting, it seemed to me, simply encouraged most people to give less thought to sharing a story in its entirety because it was going to go away in a day anyway.

But I still believe in stories, because there are so many to tell, a lot of them in need of time — time to be read, time to be heard. That is my personal commitment to this website, to give them the breathing room they deserve. What they will be is yet a story to be known, but isn’t that what life is all about anyway?