#MOTD: The Night Queen + GoT Viewing Party

It’s no secret that I love to dress up.

While I’ve since toned down to more casual ensembles for everyday wear, I can’t resist the opportunity to mess around with my look when the occasion calls for it… like, for instance a Game of Thrones-inspired party to cap off the sixth season.

I had a couple of costumes in mind, but considering my penchant for procrastinating (also busy having a life), I ended up not having a final one the day before the party. You’d think that someone whose wardrobe consisted of mostly black clothes wouldn’t have a problem, but I wanted to put in a little bit of effort. In a sheer moment of panic, I did some quick Google-fu and got inspired by the numerous makeup tutorials for The Night King. It would be completely unexpected from me (most people sort of thought I was going as Daenerys, go figure), plus I can just put something together from my existing closet. Ta-dah!

And yet, I had zero talent in face painting what-so-ever, and whatever I’ve learned in my art classes from my younger years have since evaporated. Thankfully, it was easy enough to figure out who could pull something like that off. Lucky for me, Chady Pantaleon happened to be free (and game!) before the party.

Chady’s a MAC makeup artist based in Cebu. While he’s done several classic looks for his numerous clients, he likes to experiment with face painting and prosthetics. Admittedly, he’s never done the White Walker thing before, but hey, no better chance to try something new on a willing (also crazy) client.

Chady starts off with a thin layer of body paint all over my face and some parts of my neck and chest that would be visible with my outfit. The paint is non-toxic and thereby completely safe, even for children. Face paint is available at National Bookstore.

Another layer to mostly even out the first one. This time around, Chady also paints over my entire eye area and my lips to create a clean canvas for the rest of the details.

Here, Chady starts with the outline of the details using black face paint. I keep thinking I was going to look less White Walker and more Kung-Fu Panda, but Chady assured me he’s not quite done yet.

Adding more details and shadingblendingshading through a combination of black face paint and eyeshadow. Chady also draws more details onto my neck and chest area.

Using a fine brush, Chady creates some streaks all over my face and dips what seems to be a pumice stone into paint, gently patted on my skin. This creates a more textured look.

A spoolie dropped into white paint and run over my lashes, white paint combed through my hair, and also a thorough dousing of white-colored hair spray, to complete the look! Man, my lips look so weird. Even when I’d be smiling, I still look sad/mad.

And the result:


Chady insisted on not following the actual White Walker makeup in favor of getting a little more creative, which I didn’t mind one bit. As long as everyone was able to figure out who I was supposed to be (and they did! Good job, friends!), I was good. He did spend majority of the makeup session pondering about my sheer insanity when I could’ve chosen to go as a ‘pretty’ character, but pfft that’s boring. Besides, I’m not as inclined to public nudity as Dany is, and I sure don’t have enough cleavage to be Melisandre of Asshai (no special necklace too). 😛

Suffice to say, I was happy with the result and got a kick out of being different. Everyone was also impressed with the face paint. After the actual viewing, a random photoshoot took place. Ah, my friends are such nerds.

With a generic whore from Westeros. Hey Mayan, no one’s supposed to be this happy in Game of Thrones… unless you’re Sansa Stark and reunited with Jon Snow after years of torture. (Photo by Toni Marie Despojo)

IMG_5951 - Copy
Okay, new fan theory everyone: The Night King actually ends up with Melisandre of Asshai, thereby resulting in ‘a song of ice and fire’. And this is how the books will end. What Targaryens? (Photo by Toni Marie Despojo)

Come at me, bro! You know nothing, generic guy from the North. (Photo by Toni Marie Despojo)

The complete cast! Mayan as a whore, Lui as Yara Greyjoy, Alex as a Faith Militant (possibly Lancel Lannister), Gani as a Sand Snake, Toni as the Red Wedding (also Melisandre), Charlene as Septa Unella (SHAME!), Anton as a generic guy from the North who knows nothing, me as The Night Queen, Brent as The Door, and Erika as Princess Myrcella.

Another year until absolute dorkiness! How will we survive. 😛

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  1. OMG, this is aaaamazing! Great to see someone pull of such an extreme face painting SFX with minimal products! Would you ever share your posts on There’s a huge audience there that would dig the shit out of them!

    1. Patty says:

      Would love to, but I think my face painting adventures would be far and few in between. 😛

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