Pocket Pleasures: Cammy Confectionery

I have found the best leche flan in Cebu. Fight me on this.

Quite a bold statement coming from someone who wouldn’t necessarily define herself as a dessert person (stay with me here). It’s not that I don’t like dessert – I do, really, but when I don’t actively look for sweets, I’m extremely picky with the ones I like. Off the top of my head, I will indulge in the following: Marco Polo Plaza’s malicious cookies, Isidra Comfort Cantina’s calamansi custard meringue, red velvet cupcakes by The Cupcake Theory, a box of Ferrero Rocher, basically anything by Raquel Choa and The Chocolate Chamber, and blue cheese walnut and fig cheesecake from Osvaldo’s in Davao whenever I can bully someone to buy me a slice (to date, this has only happened once).

So there I was, perfectly content with my current roster of favorite desserts, and in swoops my good friend Mayan with a pretty little jar of leche flan. Plonk, on the table, no big deal, like she knew it was just another addition to a running list of things she has negatively influenced me on – and she wasn’t even sorry about it, the devil.

Then again, label says, ‘A Sweet Treat for the Wicked’, so that’s a warning as good as any.

I don’t make pretensions about being an expert food critic, and I’m not even big on desserts, so by definition I’m not the best person to declare these are some of the best desserts in the Queen City. But I think they are, okay? Go with me here.

If anything, they’re certainly worth a try. Mayan’s sister Cammy makes them fresh, the consistency is the perfect melt-in-your-mouth without being too soggy, and the caramel poured both at the top and bottom of the container lend just enough sweetness without going overboard and hurting your throat.

Lucy’s Delight Leche Flan

The first jar I tried actually had burnt bits of caramel which, by the Benedicto sisters’ quality control standards is a no-no, but is something I actually welcome, as I like the contrast in textures.

Cammy has also gone into making oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies, and all three products are up for grabs at their pop-up shop, running until tomorrow night at A SPACE in Crossroads Mall, Banilad.

The leche flan dessert jars are currently available at cafes run by my friends – April Rama and Lor Torres’ Isidra Comfort Cantina in Capitol Site (now how am I s’posed to choose between these and the meringue?!), Aimee Heising’s Suds + Froth Laundry Lounge, and Miles Semblante’s Coffee & Comfort Cafe in F. Ramos St. They’re also available in Casa Gorordo.

Cammy Confectionery
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