Il Corso: Weekends in the Now Normal

These days, crowds are so faux pas.

I know, I know—most establishments would really appreciate the foot traffic to kickstart business after the pandemic severely affected the economy. But while the number of cases in Cebu continues on a downward trend, it’s important to remember that the coronavirus is still around.

The iconic lighthouse at Il Corso

I’ve taken advantage of reduced lockdown restrictions to go out more frequently, though I still keep my goings-out mindful and try to maximize those days. I also make sure to diligently wear face masks and— somewhat less diligently because astigmatism is real—face shields, disinfect my hands regularly, and practice social distancing in public.

That said, it is an advantage when you avoid crowds altogether. For this exact reason, it’s definitely worth appreciating Il Corso Filinvest LifeMalls all the more.

Now, before I mislead people’s impressions, Il Corso is by no means a ghost town. In fact, it’s quite popular in the afternoons and on weekends, especially for fitness enthusiasts who like to run or ride their bicycles along the coast. My dog Gryffin and his sister Hedwig are actually frequent visitors because they love to go running there.

But the reality that there are currently only a few establishments open (but more exciting developments are in the pipeline!) and the fact public transportation is rather limited definitely curtails the number of people who go there. That means the people you do see there purposefully chose Il Corso to be their destination for the day, and it’s a testament to how much this up-and-coming mall actually has to offer—and yes, even after the lockdown.

Il Corso is also the perfect destination when you’re driving down the Cebu South Coastal Road. Featured vehicle: The Mercedes-Benz E220d from the Mercedes-Benz Cebu showroom (Photos: Antonio Java/Rider’s Block)

Plus, two other advantages Il Corso has: It’s spacious and mostly outdoors. Even on a busy weekend, there’s a lot of room to move around while practicing social distancing, and fresh air is always a great idea.

Make it a weekend at Il Corso. Here are some activities you can check out on your next visit.

Shop Local at Artesano by the Coast

Il Corso showcases local talent with Artesano by the Coast, a lifestyle fair that’s currently happening on weekends. In the spirit of quarantine trends, on sale are stylish face masks by fashion designers Mikhail Achas and Bree Esplanada, as well as some Instagram-worthy plants, planters, and macramé pot hangers by VERDE Garden and Crafts.

There are also curated dresses, gowns, and cover-ups from Mikhail, Bree, Lorenzo Ceniza, Harley Ruedas, and Dexter Alazas.

Cool Down with Milk Tea at Bubble Z

Hands down one of the best places for milk tea in Cebu, Bubble Z alone is a great reason to visit Il Corso. This award-winning premium milk tea brand uses premium Taiwanese tea as a base for their drinks, which makes them the real deal, and results in a cleaner and fresher flavor. Must-try: the Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Tea!

Part of Il Corso’s safety protocols against COVID-19 is to encourage outdoor dining. All food and beverage establishments follow this rule by not turning on their air-conditioning units and setting up dedicated seats outside instead. Besides, with a place like Il Corso and the gentle breeze coming from the sea, why would you want to stay indoors anyway?


Continue Your #Plantita Journey at the Farmer’s Market

Il Corso has partnered up with the Cebu City Agriculture Department to support the livelihood of mountain farmers. Every weekend, they set up shop in Il Corso where they sell their goods. There is an extensive selection of plants to fill your homes, from lovely decorative calatheas to herbs such as rosemary.

Besides plants, the stalls also offer a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables at regulated prices. Sellers are, of course, wearing face masks and face shields for the safety of customers.

Adding to the accessibility of the Farmer’s Market, it is located along a driveway so you can park your car directly beside it for a hassle-free shopping experience.

Fine Dining at Fishes Seafood + Wine

What Il Corso lacks in the number of dining establishments—for now—it makes up with a curated selection of restaurants to serve you. A recent discovery is Fishes Seafood & Wine which, contrary to its name, doesn’t serve fish and seafood exclusively.

In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at their menu and at how some of their signature dishes were even meats. The Beef Salpicao was spectacular, while the Deep Spicy Garlic Fried Chicken was super tasty. Of course, we’d be remiss not to order any actual seafood, so we went with their bestselling Scallops Overload and Crispy Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Poppers with Cream Cheese, which were major revelations and worth going back for.

Scallop Overload (Photo: Fishes Seafood & Wine/Facebook)
Beef Salpicao (Photo: Fishes Seafood & Wine/Facebook)

Give Back to the Community with #ThankfulTogether

It’s been such a tough year that we’ve had to focus on ourselves to stay afloat. That said, there are heroes who need to be celebrated for their hard work especially at the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19.

Il Corso gives back to healthcare workers and other essential personnel with #ThankfulTogether, a donation drive for the benefit of communities affected by the recent Typhoon Ulysses, with the help of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP Cebu Chapter).

For donations, you can drop them off on-site, in a designated box by their Filipino-inspired Christmas tree.

Il Corso Mall Hours

as of November 14, 2020

How to Get There

  • via private transportation
  • via taxi
  • via selected routes of MyBus (link)
  • via Northbound Route of CIBUS (link)

Il Corso Filinvest LifeMalls
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Cebu City, Philippines

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