MIXT Salad Bar: Toss It Up!

If only proper salads were as accessible and affordable as fast food, I’d likely be eating a whole lot healthier.

But until I can get a decent salad from a drive-through as a value meal, I’m more than happy to celebrate a new salad business, especially one that has such fresh and delicious offerings.

MIXT Salad Bar is an impressive addition to Cebu’s growing number of healthy food options, making tasty gourmet salads accessible to health-conscious locals. It was founded by Dr. Journey Joyce Yamyamin and Chef Noel Daigo Jr., and their collaboration on the menu results in product offerings that are not only healthy and filling but are also flavorful and enjoyable.

Dr. Journey Joyce Yamyamin and Chef Noel Daigo Jr. (Photo: MIXT Salad Bar/Facebook)

Chef Noel was working as head chef for a restaurant when the pandemic forced him out of a job. With a lot of time on his hands, he volunteered for a local charity group and cooked meals for medical frontliners and homeless people in Cebu. There he met Dr. Journey, who shared the same passions for good food, healthy living, and sustainability.

MIXT Salad Bar’s eco-friendly packaging

“We were thinking of a business that is close to our heart, and since everybody is online, we were thinking of healthy alternatives to the usual food trends sold online,” Dr. Journey shares. “We wanted healthy food to be convenient, too.”

Together, they conceptualized MIXT Salad Bar to create healthy gourmet salads without sacrificing quality, taste, nutrition, and aesthetics. Also, in line with their commitment to being environmentally-friendly, they also consciously pack their salads in eco-friendly boxes made from sugarcane pulp and bamboo to minimize the use of plastic as much as possible.

I had the chance to taste three of their bestselling salads: the Tuna Salad, the MIXT Cobb Salad, and the Beet Pastrami.

Tuna Salad with medium-rare seared ahi tuna, French beans, boiled marble potatoes, olives, cherry tomatoes, mixt greens, crispy hen’s egg, and house-made honey mustard. (439 calories)
Mixed Cobb with mixt greens, crispy hen’s egg, corn kernels, blue cheese, black olives, cherry tomatoes, crispy bacon, pearl onions, pan-fried moringa pesto chicken and avocado mousse, and house-made lemon vinaigrette (675 calories)
Beet Pastrami with mixt greens, red radish, roasted beets with Asian rub pastrami, blue cheese, and house-made balsamic vinaigrette. (338 calories)

My favorite out of all three is hands down the Tuna Salad. It’s everything I love in a salad—well, almost (I stole some blue cheese from the Beet Pastrami)—but I have a deep love for seared tuna and the honey mustard dressing really brings everything together so well.

The Mixt Cobb Salad is easily the most filling, likely because of that amazing pan-fried moringa pesto chicken. Like the previous salad, the dressing—this time a zesty lemon vinaigrette—pulls everything together and adds such a bright and fresh flavor.

Meanwhile, the Beet Pastrami is definitely the most interesting of the bunch because the flavors were new to me. I’m not entirely sure about my feelings about beets, but I am always down for some pastrami, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how this works so well with blue cheese.

Other MIXT Salad Bar offerings I’m saving for next time include the Greek Salad, the Mixt Caesar, and the Tropical Fruit Mixt with Yoghurt. There’s also the option to ‘mixt’ your own salad, but believe me when I say whatever you do, make sure to add on a crispy hen egg—it’s SO good.

MIXT Salad Bar accepts orders a day before, with a cut-off time of 11:00 PM.

MIXT Salad Bar
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  1. Maaan, these look so good. 😋

    1. Patty says:

      Taste better than they look too! Let’s get them for lunch one of these working days.

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