COVID Day 2: The Reality

In a nutshell: COVID-19 is real, you guys.

I can’t even tell you how I got it because I didn’t come into contact with anyone who is positive, or at least they had no idea they are. All I know is I’m always wearing a mask, disinfecting, practicing social distancing, and I make it a point to shower the moment I get home, and I STILL got it.

I can’t stress this enough: Be vigilant, if not for yourself then for the sake of people who may not be as healthy as you are. You may feel fine, but you can be a carrier. It’s an enemy we can’t see. Isolate when you develop symptoms, get swabbed if you’re extra paranoid—I certainly was, even if my symptoms are mild at best. Cluster clinics exist if you don’t want to pay.

Fortunately, I’m presenting very mild symptoms. But I’m in isolation at an accredited quarantine hotel for the next two weeks in compliance with the protocol. The room is nice if a bit simple—two beds, my own bathroom, and a small window to the outside world.

It’s going to be long and lonely, but hey, now is the best time to exfoliate since no one’s going to see me peeling.

Also, send memes. 😛

Cebu vs. COVID-19 Resources:

Numbers and details change often, so I’m linking to pages instead where you can check for updated information.

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