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Why I Love Shopping at The Metro Stores

My earliest memories of shopping are rooted at The Metro Stores.

As a little girl, I remember going to Metro Colon with my grandfather, always stopping by Ding Qua Qua along the way. I would also accompany my mom when she would do the groceries at Metro Ayala Center, usually on Sundays—her lone day off in a week.

While I was allowed the occasional indulgence, I learned about the value of a great deal early on. I also began to associate The Metro Stores as a place where I can get my money’s worth, and would shop there by myself when I grew up. It’s become a pillar of sorts in my life, a True North for when I need to get something because it almost always has things I need to buy, and I knew exactly where to find them.

So yes, to say I was devastated when Metro Ayala Center was hit by a fire in January 2018 is an understatement.

But that’s all in the past, and now that it’s back and better than ever is worth celebrating—especially as the Metro Stores celebrates its 39th anniversary this weekend!


Next on Your Binge-Watch List: Digital Marketing Webinars by DTI-7

Last Friday, I caught up with some friends I haven’t seen as a group since… last Christmas (which feels both like yesterday and decades ago all at once—2020 is a time warp).

Among many things we talked about over dinner, a couple of my friends expressed frustrations that they were doing tasks beyond their current job description. Naturally, as a consequence to stay-at-home measures, a lot of employees are now expected to know digital marketing, even those who are not necessarily trained for it.

I’m in digital marketing, and even I have trouble keeping up with the industry because there’s always something new every day—I can’t imagine having to start from the very beginning.

It’s these friends I have in mind when I got the news that the Department of Trade and Industry Central Visayas (DTI-7) is now making available a series of webinars they conducted on digital marketing strategies for MSMEs.


Turning Over a New Leaf Because Sun is now Smart!

For the past two years, I’ve been so fortunate to become part of the Sun Prepaid family. It opened so many doors to opportunities, while also allowing me to pursue my own passions. Most meaningfully, The Fair Advantage wouldn’t have been possible without their support.

Sun Prepaid is a proud supporter of The Fair Advantage and our events in Quest Hotel & Conference Center Cebu, Saint Theresa’s College, and Marco Polo Plaza Cebu


Restarting 2020 with “Ready to Recover”

It was supposed to be the best year ever. There were so many exciting plans and projects in store, as well as opportunities for personal and professional growth. After the mental and emotional challenges of recent years and months, things were beginning to look up, finally.

Then the pandemic happened, and everything had to be shelved or set aside for when things get better. “When things get better,” I repeated like a mantra to myself as every single thing I looked forward to getting knocked over like pieces in a game of dominoes.

What I do is important, but in the larger scale of things, not essential. Budgets are slashed and third-party service providers are often one of the first to go. Despite needing marketing more than ever while everyone is spending their time online, we were sidelined even when we were perfectly set up to work remotely already.