Here’s a Breakdown of the 10-Step Skincare Routine

10 steps?! That’s crazy.

This is often the reaction whenever someone divulges following an extensive skincare routine, and, well, okay, it’s a lot. When you really think about it though, the skin is the largest organ we have, and it’s also our bodies’ first line of defense against germs and infections. The least we can do is take care of it.

News flash: You don’t actually have to do all 10 steps, or all at once for that matter. While it’s very beneficial to make time for yourself and take care of your skin, there are just days when you’re pressed for time, or nights when you come home exhausted. The important thing is to actually have a routine that works for you, as well as for your skin.

Here, we list down all 10 steps (in order) so you can determine what your skin needs and take it from there. If this is too overwhelming, we also list down recommendations which steps to keep if you want a more streamlined routine.

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