Fabricated Stories

With the efforts of Dexter Alazas and Jennifer Rimaz, locally-sourced and indigenous fabrics make their way front-and-center to Cebu’s fashion scene.

Fort San Pedro

As the first fort to be established in the country, the Fort San Pedro has stood through the test of time, having endured through numerous significant events in history.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

If Samal Island is an oyster, Pearl Farm Beach Resort is the unique and beautiful gem within. This native getaway in the midst of the Davao Gulf showcases the best of Mindanaoan culture and hospitality, proving that something authentically Filipino can be raised to world-class standards.

Miss Cebu 2016: Right as Raine

Miss Cebu 2016 Raine Baljak talks about her advocacies for the youth, natural farming, health and well-being, and providing a shelter for disadvantaged children, and how she plans on using the crown to fulfill her causes.

Comfort Food in Cebu

Never has eating your feelings been any easier—or harder, depends on how you look at it. This month, Zee Lifestyle checks out some of the dining establishments that bring you food for the soul.

Sugbu Chinese Heritage Museum

Books may highlight the three-century Spanish occupation as a significant part of the past, yet
the Chinese left a more lasting legacy that shaped the course of Cebu’s history. The numerous contributions of the Chinese will soon be preserved and recognized for the future generations through the Sugbu Chinese Heritage Museum.