A Really Funny Thing Happened When I Got a Backjoy


Wow, when Backjoy said they were out to, “Change Your Posture. Change Your Life.” they weren’t kidding.

It’s a well-crafted phrase that sums up Backjoy’s promises, likely crafted by someone who makes more than I do, which is kind of fair considering all I ever come up with are lame puns and even lamer copy. But for the love of postures and lives improved around the world, someone please find this person and give him or her a Pulitzer or maybe a new crystal ball, because this is prophetic.

And to think, if I didn’t suffer through a lumbar strain, I wouldn’t have known about this sorcery. All the decisions I’ve made in life have led me towards owning a Backjoy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.