I Tested Positive for COVID-19. This is How It Was Like.

“Where am I isolating?” I repeated, extremely confused. “Why? I’m just at home. What do you mean?”

It was Friday morning, three days after I got swabbed for COVID-19, and I had just answered a call from an unknown number. On the other end of the line was my contact tracer, Mica, who threw the question at me so nonchalantly, I figured she probably does this on a daily basis. “You can’t stay at home,” she answered, unfazed. “You’re positive for COVID.”

Though it was still a complete shock to hear it laid out like that, it confirmed what I was beginning to suspect at that point. For the past five days, the first thing I would do in the mornings is try to take a sniff out of one of my Anapanasati essential oil bottles and make myself some Berocca in an effort to convince myself I could smell or taste something. But close to a week in, and no amount of Berocca or Vitamin C seemed to work somehow. If I hadn’t gotten swabbed, I would have been extremely worried about it by then.


COVID Day 5: Breakthrough

9:03 a.m.

Despite the comforts of a hotel room, the crankiness is setting in. There’s a small window that brings in very little sunshine and not much else. Meals are a soulless experience when I can’t taste or smell anything. I’m trying to keep busy, but it’s very slow-going because I tire easily and need frequent breaks.

Part of having COVID isn’t just dealing with the symptoms—it’s a mental struggle.


COVID Day 3: I’m Alive, and I’m Live

Taking a break from my usual writing to embark on something completely new to me: going live.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my very first Instagram Live, and boy do I like to ramble 😅

I started sharing about testing positive for the coronavirus through close friends Instagram Stories, and besides all the well wishes, I got so many questions. It struck me how people are so curious, mainly because all we hear are the scary aspects, which then discourage people from getting tested if they suspect they have it. 


COVID Day 2: The Reality

In a nutshell: COVID-19 is real, you guys.

I can’t even tell you how I got it because I didn’t come into contact with anyone who is positive, or at least they had no idea they are. All I know is I’m always wearing a mask, disinfecting, practicing social distancing, and I make it a point to shower the moment I get home, and I STILL got it.