Custom-built PC: The nerdiest thing I own #sorrynotsorry

Fun fact: I was a total more of a computer nerd back in the day.

Oh, no, I don’t claim to be having been well-versed in terms of specs and stuff that involved numbers. I mainly worked with what I had back then—a very basic desktop computer that my mother bought for very basic usage, but that’s never really stopped me from always looking for ways to improve the thing and maximizing what I can do with it.

Eventually, with the demands of college and work life, I moved on to something more portable, like my trusty netbook. Because those were even more basic (and I had less time), there wasn’t much to do with it, and besides eventually forgetting most of what I learned, I wasn’t also able to keep up with new products and updates.

But I found myself missing an actual desktop. More importantly, I missed the things I used to be able to do with a full computer, like playing games, editing videos, and making graphics besides writing Harry Potter fanfiction. With my current laptop showing signs of deterioration, I contemplated getting an all-in-one, until my friend Anton swooped in to save the day offer building me one instead. While it was going to take more time to put together, it would be customized according to my needs and wants. I wasn’t seeking anything fancy (full disclosure: it ended up somewhat fancy), but I definitely wanted a Jack of All Trades, not necessarily being a master of none. I also wanted it future-proof.

So, ladies and gents, meet Pallas.