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Ford For Thought

A few years ago, I was in my car in the parking lot when this huge red pick-up took the slot in front of me, and out stepped the tiniest lady driver.

I fell in love.

No, I don’t know who that woman is, nor do I even remember what make the pick-up was. All I know is that someday, I want to be that woman who owns and drives around a car obviously too large for her like she owns the damn streets.

You can’t blame me for my lofty aspirations. I mean, I’m 4’11″—the world has always felt big, can’t reach shelves and all, and someone uses me as an armrest on occasion. For someone so vertically-challenged, it’s especially empowering to conquer something that’s beyond me, which likely explains my fascination with driving a large vehicle (but not why I’m nowhere close to writing a book in my 20’s, and I’m already 28. Send help.)

Well, the non-existent New York Times bestseller is one thing, but at least I did get one #goal off my bucket list when the Ford Motor Company‘s official dealership in Cebu reached out and asked if I could take one of their newest Ford Rangers out for a spin.

Of course I was all Ford it.