So, I got glutathione and everything I thought I knew about it was a lie*

Yeah, yeah, I get it—I’m pale AF and I have no business injecting it into my bloodstream, go home Patty you’re drunk and all.

Much has been said about how so-called standards of beauty—particularly in the Philippines—are way too idealistic, overly unrealistic, and just… well and truly f*cked up. No thanks to society, I had prepubescent, unwarranted anger at the gene gods for (1) not making me tall enough, and (2) not giving me thick, straight, luscious black hair which defy explainable physics.

I’ve conquered and even embraced some of my insecurities (except maybe during those times I find myself scrolling through Pia Wurtzbach’s Instagram, but we all have moments, amirite?). If anything, I legitimately feel s/mad about these “standards” and the products encouraging them, and how they make people—especially girls—think less of themselves.

It’s exactly for this reason I was quite dismissive of glutathione—or in retrospect, my long-lasting misconception of it. But

*to be fair, I didn’t really know much. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks to Finessa Aesthetica, which opened its branch in Cebu a few months ago, I now know better that it goes beyond skin whitening.