COVID Day 6: More of the Same

I accidentally smeared some gravy on my nose as I was taking a bite of my pork chops, and for a moment I fooled myself into thinking my taste was back. It was not. I just had a faint whiff of the mushroom.

Meals have been such a joyless, soulless experience lately, a routine of sitting on my bed with a packed meal in front of me. Once, it was even the floor, wary I was going to spill my cousin’s lechon paksiw on a mattress I don’t even sleep on (I have two beds in this quarantine bedroom—maybe I should spend a night on the other one).

I never minded eating alone, but boy does it get completely lonely when I can’t even enjoy the food.


Turning Thirty

Being a milestone age and all, I’ve always thought I would have a grand celebration on my 30th birthday. I even had party ideas in my mind, but as the pandemic went on with no end in sight, Miss ‘Rona would have just derailed my plans before I could fully flesh them out.

The birthday blues hit, and they hit hard. I had wanted a big birthday bash with as many people as I know and love all in one room, then the Philippine National Police Chief made gatherings a total faux pas, so that idea had to be thrown out of the window. I held on to hope the pandemic would be over by the time November rolled around, but while Cebu City’s active cases lessened significantly, it still wasn’t a good enough reason to be complacent.

Besides that, it really is just a tough time to celebrate. People have lost so much in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak—income, opportunities, loved ones—not to mention #RollyPH and #UlyssesPH had recently caused major devastation in various parts of the country.

(Side note: I was born in the aftermath of Typhoon Ruping. Yolanda also happened close to my birthday in 2013. Everyone should be terrified of what’s going to happen to this world when I turn 40 or something *knocks on wood*)

So, yeah, it’s kind of hard to be in a celebratory mood given everything, and I was just set on letting the day pass like any other ordinary day… except, some people won’t let me. And I love them all for it.