Travel: Siargao

“Am I going to die today?” was a question I asked myself every day I was in Siargao.

It’s hard to believe that a place as stunning as Siargao Island could pose any real danger, and while admittedly it is a possibility (just like every other place in this planet. Constant vigilance, y’all), most of my worries were all in my head.

Doesn’t mean they’re any less true though, when you’re in a tiny AF pump boat going to Sugbo Lagoon and the dark clouds and foreboding fog make the surrounding rock formations look like f*cking Lian Yu. Or when you forget to go behind your surfboard once a strong wave hits, and your surfboard hits you on the head. Hard. (Also: Idiot.)

But, as Syrio Forel told us to say to death, Not Today! And thus, the tale of how I survived my second trip to Siargao.