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It’s the MINI Things

Sometimes, I think I just really need to pick on someone something my own size.

As someone who has always driven a trusty subcompact sedan, the experience of bigger cars has eluded me save for the occasional test drives. This has only added to my fascination with them, that I rarely spare much smaller vehicles a glance—well, perhaps a glare because a bunch of them have those god-awful “Caution: New Lady Driver” stickers (… why).

The only exception is a MINI Cooper, because how could I look away? The vintage charm of its exteriors is enough to catch my attention, and also no one who owns one would have the right mind to stick those misogynistic signs on them.

At least, I certainly hope not.

Despite never straying too far from the classic looks that have made the MINI such an iconic vehicle, everything is completely modern on the inside, which lends to a very comfortable and enjoyable ride. It’s a great companion for navigating the streets of Cebu, even as a daily driver. I’ve said that before about the MINI Cooper F56, and I can definitely say it again with the all-new MINI Cooper S 3-door.


Brookesworth Calling My Kettle Back

This is a little different from my usual content, but hear me out: Miss Rona is still on the loose and we should still be staying home as much as possible, so why not make home as nice as possible, amirite?

When I was younger, I used to have a fascination for informercials. I’d watch them for hours on end, see the many different ways a product can make my life better (theoretically; I never bought anything because I was 11), obsessed with befores and afters and everything in between.

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By All Means, Ruin the Party. LOURDES Wants You To.

“What does that mean?” The artist formerly known as Lourdes Maglinte ponders, as a hairstylist makes quick work parting her hair into smaller sections. The ends, fading from an emerald green dye, frame her face like a faux bob though the singer takes no notice, her attention focused on applying light makeup.

It was the Wednesday before the official launch of Ruin the Party, and LOURDES (she’s dropped the last name and turned the caps lock on) was getting a complete hair transformation at MIRA Beauty by Design. Her glam squad for that afternoon, led by the salon’s Beauty Director Hannah Esguerra, was preparing to bleach LOURDES’ hair and give her the rose gold hue she’s requested while we were making jokes about touching base with us when she’s even more famous than she already is.

“Being famous,” she clarifies after a swipe of color on her eyebrows. “I don’t think I have fans. But I have friends who go to my gigs.”

In a way, this rings true. After all, as much as Cebu’s music industry is growing, it’s still a tight-knit community that unites familiar faces, most of which end up becoming friends (sometimes lovers).

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Ford For Thought

A few years ago, I was in my car in the parking lot when this huge red pick-up took the slot in front of me, and out stepped the tiniest lady driver.

I fell in love.

No, I don’t know who that woman is, nor do I even remember what make the pick-up was. All I know is that someday, I want to be that woman who owns and drives around a car obviously too large for her like she owns the damn streets.

You can’t blame me for my lofty aspirations. I mean, I’m 4’11″—the world has always felt big, can’t reach shelves and all, and someone uses me as an armrest on occasion. For someone so vertically-challenged, it’s especially empowering to conquer something that’s beyond me, which likely explains my fascination with driving a large vehicle (but not why I’m nowhere close to writing a book in my 20’s, and I’m already 28. Send help.)

Well, the non-existent New York Times bestseller is one thing, but at least I did get one #goal off my bucket list when the Ford Motor Company‘s official dealership in Cebu reached out and asked if I could take one of their newest Ford Rangers out for a spin.

Of course I was all Ford it.


Custom-built PC: The nerdiest thing I own #sorrynotsorry

Fun fact: I was a total more of a computer nerd back in the day.

Oh, no, I don’t claim to be having been well-versed in terms of specs and stuff that involved numbers. I mainly worked with what I had back then—a very basic desktop computer that my mother bought for very basic usage, but that’s never really stopped me from always looking for ways to improve the thing and maximizing what I can do with it.

Eventually, with the demands of college and work life, I moved on to something more portable, like my trusty netbook. Because those were even more basic (and I had less time), there wasn’t much to do with it, and besides eventually forgetting most of what I learned, I wasn’t also able to keep up with new products and updates.

But I found myself missing an actual desktop. More importantly, I missed the things I used to be able to do with a full computer, like playing games, editing videos, and making graphics besides writing Harry Potter fanfiction. With my current laptop showing signs of deterioration, I contemplated getting an all-in-one, until my friend Anton swooped in to save the day offer building me one instead. While it was going to take more time to put together, it would be customized according to my needs and wants. I wasn’t seeking anything fancy (full disclosure: it ended up somewhat fancy), but I definitely wanted a Jack of All Trades, not necessarily being a master of none. I also wanted it future-proof.

So, ladies and gents, meet Pallas.


Lumia 950 XL: How I ended my relationship with iPhones (but had an affair with them anyway, because Pokémon GO)

Over the past few months, I’ve gotten curious looks and inquiries from people whenever I’d whip out my phone and they see it’s not an iPhone or anything resembling an Android. It’s a Lumia 950 XL from Microsoft (née Nokia), and the first things I get asked are, “What is that?” “But why don’t you have an iPhone?”

For a number of completely superficial reasons, I hated my first and only iPhone, and was all too happy when my contract expired. Never say never and all, but I love my Lumia 950 XL and wouldn’t be inclined to look back anytime soon. Or so, I thought. Recently, in the light of Pokémon GO (and Niantec/Nintendo not developing it for Windows Phone, boo), I took out a spare iPhone 5c my mom sent from the US just to play the darned game. Having an iPhone in my hands again after all these months just reminded me why, Pokémon GO notwithstanding, I have no regrets about switching.