Styling My New Bedroom

It’s been a hot minute since I wrote on this space. From late January to early June, I was basically bedroom-less while we tore our family home down and rebuilt it from the ground up.

As someone who thrives in privacy, the lack of personal space did a number on my mental health and productivity, as my g.spot team can attest with my entries on our weekly wins+challenges alignments (also, sorry!). For those long months, I sought solace in our dining room, which I barely got to mourn and thank for its comforts before it, too, got demolished just two weeks ago in the second phase of our ongoing renovation

The good news is that, as you can deduce by the current month, I finally have a new bedroom—and I have content to share about it! Having a blank space to start fresh made me more mindful about putting in things that made me happy.

Whether you’re in the same boat as I was, or just want to refresh your bedroom, I’m sharing some items you may want to consider adding to your space, along with the thought processes that went into choosing them. I opted to patronize homegrown businesses as much as I could manage to support them, and a lot of these are easily accessible to everyone!