So Good to be Bad: Bad Boys Wingz

One of my favorite things about Zee Lifestyle‘s annual Men’s Issues is the Bachelorettes feature, in which we gather the city’s most eligible ladies for a dining by discussion on love, sex, relationships, and dating in Cebu. It’s always interesting and informative (sometimes waaaaay too informative) to delve into the minds of gorgeous and intelligent women of substance, and this year was no different.

Behind the scenes of Zee Lifestyle’s 2016 Bachelorettes feature: Shaira Berame, Christina Santos, Yumny Mariot and Pia Tenchavez (Shot on location at Wish Cebu)

What makes the 2016 batch even more dear to me, though, is how the ladies have all become fast friends. I remember everyone’s initial trepidation on not knowing anyone before the shoot, especially since they were expected to share personal details. To my surprise, they warmed up to each other right away, even having their own conversations while the production team was setting up. By the time the discussion part started, Pia Tenchavez, Yumny Mariot, Shaira Berame and Christina Santos have developed this easygoing chemistry that the pages could do no justice.

Since the shoot, the girls and I (along with photographer Toni Marie Despojo) have since taken to going out every now and then. First was at Yumny’s homebase Marco Polo Plaza for the hotel’s signature Earl Grape Iced Tea. Then Christina invited all of us to her brother David’s chicken joint Bad Boys Wingz, which recently opened a branch at The Greenery in Mabolo.

I’ve had BBWingz before, but as their first branch was always out of the way for me, that meant takeout. This outing marked the first time I was actually going to sit down and enjoy them fresh from the kitchen. Besides eating them with your fingers, there’s no better way to enjoy chicken wings.

The sexiest girls are those who eat. But first, they take pictures.

Before the main event, Christina introduced us to some of BBWingz’s newest appetizers and non-wing dishes. For starters, we had the Deviled Eggs, each piece topped with a piece of bacon. It’s so tempting to finish this off in one go, but a piece or two can actually already satisfy your hunger pangs while you wait for the rest of the order.

Deviled Eggs

Then we had Spam Fries. SPAM FRIES!!!!1! Need I say more?

Spam Fries

Regrettably, I did not have much of the Bad Boys Linguine because I was saving the space in my tummy for the wings.

Bad Boys Linguine

The Garlic Shrimps were pretty good though! I was expecting something aioli-style, so when this arrived with a heavy creamy sauce, I was surprised. I would order this with a plate of rice in a heartbeat.

Garlic Shrimps

And on to the chicken wings part! We decided to share three servings, starting off with the Sriracha Honey – a sweet flavor with a mild spicy kick from the sriracha. The Garlic Parmesan was another easy favorite with its addicting flavor. Then Christina dared us to try the Suicide Wings – spicy level five! As someone who adores spicy food, challenge accepted! This was definitely hothothot. Pro tip: Don’t let the chicken touch your lips, otherwise the burn will make you give up eating right away.

Sriracha Honey
Garlic Parmesan
Suicide Wings

All wings best paired with an ice-cold bottle of beer from The Cebruery ūüėÄ

Bad Boys Wingz is hands down one of my favorite places for wings in Cebu. The only thing that would make it my top choice? If they had unli wings, even just for certain times of the day (*cough* Christina). But with great wing flavors, options for those who want to get something else, and now a brand-spankin’ new place to hang out, you can’t really go wrong.

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