Styling My New Bedroom

It’s been a hot minute since I wrote on this space. From late January to early June, I was basically bedroom-less while we tore our family home down and rebuilt it from the ground up.

As someone who thrives in privacy, the lack of personal space did a number on my mental health and productivity, as my g.spot team can attest with my entries on our weekly wins+challenges alignments (also, sorry!). For those long months, I sought solace in our dining room, which I barely got to mourn and thank for its comforts before it, too, got demolished just two weeks ago in the second phase of our ongoing renovation

The good news is that, as you can deduce by the current month, I finally have a new bedroom—and I have content to share about it! Having a blank space to start fresh made me more mindful about putting in things that made me happy.

Whether you’re in the same boat as I was, or just want to refresh your bedroom, I’m sharing some items you may want to consider adding to your space, along with the thought processes that went into choosing them. I opted to patronize homegrown businesses as much as I could manage to support them, and a lot of these are easily accessible to everyone!

Quick Links:

  1. Headboard by CLV Living Space Furnitures and Fixtures
  2. Mattress by Uratex Philippines
  3. Mirrors by Mirrora + Home
  4. Nightstand from Mandaue Foam Home Store
  5. Ottoman from SM Home
  6. Rug from Mandaue Foam Home Store
  7. Dried Flowers by Dried Flowers Philippines
  8. Contact Paper from Aceking Home Decor
  9. Scented Candles by Elemento and Luscent
  10. Window Treatments from The Blinds Style

Headboard by CLV Living Space Furnitures and Fixtures

I had an old bed frame made of quality wood, and while it’s very durable and serves its purpose, I wasn’t entirely happy with the headboard. A lot of the wooden grills went missing over time, and… well, it was just very basic.

Instead of letting go of my perfectly functional bed frame, I opted to update it with a new headboard. After perusing several Marketplace listings for custom headboards, I encountered CLV Living Space Furnitures and Fixtures, which is based in Lapu-Lapu City. They were very helpful with my questions, patient when I kept changing my mind about the design and finished and installed my headboard in a week!

I went for a tufted headboard in old-rose velvet to inject some color into my bedroom, which was beige with brown accents. The color also helped tie in my existing linens and window treatments from my previous bedroom, which leaned more into the cooler neutrals.

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Mattress from Uratex Philippines

I wasn’t actually intending on replacing my spring mattress, which used to be my mom’s, because I figured was in decent shape for being almost the same age as I am. But when my mother saw it in one of the renovation updates photos sent to her, she basically ordered me to throw that ratty ol’ thing out and get a new one.

Of course, you obey your parents. 😂

I had the pleasure of shopping for my own mattress, this time accounting for my own preferences. Anything too firm gives me body aches, but I also can’t go for something too soft because of posture support.

The Uratex Perfect Serenity Chimera Mattress was just right. It felt plush at the top, but also doesn’t sink down too much. To help make this new mattress last as long as my old one did, I covered it with a waterproof mattress protector and placed my existing memory foam mattress topper over it, both from Mandaue Foam Home Store.

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Mirrors by Mirrora Home +

I had no control over the size of my new bedroom, and it’s actually much smaller now compared to my old one. To compensate, I went all out with ordering mirrors and also took the opportunity to finally get a full-sized one so I can check my outfits from head to foot.

I was considering a plain mirror, but then I saw this gorgeous Mae Grid Multipanel Mirror from Mirrora Home +. I loved the idea of having it look almost window-like, especially since I only had one window in my room now, as opposed to the three I used to have.

There was also no space for a dedicated vanity, as much as my mom wanted me to get one. Since my TV now has its own dedicated shelf, I converted my old entertainment console into a makeshift dresser. That meant another mirror, and I opted for one of Mirrora’s classic Faith Round Mirrors because I was inspired by the ones they had at NÉW Lounge Oakridge.

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Nightstand from Mandaue Foam Home Store

I’ve never actually had a nightstand, but I figured that with a new bedroom, it was time to grow up and stop using the other side of my queen-sized bed as one 😅. I chose the Narrow Nightstand from Mandaue Foam because it was made of solid wood as opposed to laminate, it had shelves, and it was… well, narrow.

Jury’s still out on getting a second table for the other side of my bed. I ordered only one a few months ago because I wasn’t completely confident in my measuring abilities, especially since my bed wasn’t placed in my room at that time. But so far I’m loving this thing — I keep the top mostly clear save for a few things because I needed the surface to charge my smart watch and keep my phone and glasses when I go to bed. Inside the drawers are other bedside essentials like my essential oil rollers, remotes, my journal, and other gadgets. The bottom shelf is open, and this is where I usually stash my handbag when I’m home.

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Ottoman from SM Home

In lieu of a second bedside table (for now?), I got this nifty velvet ottoman from the home department of The SM Store, and it’s getting a lot of functional use in my new bedroom. It serves as a stool when I want to do my skincare and makeup, a catch-all when I’m too lazy to put away my stuff, and when you take off the top, it also works as additional storage.

At the moment, I keep accessories here like my hats and scrunchies, but the compartment is honestly surprisingly big. I initially kept hair tools such as curlers, irons, and straighteners, and there was still a lot of room. So I’m confident if I want to change things up in the future, I can store a lot in this thing.

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Rug from Mandaue Foam Home Store

When you have six fluffy dogs running around the house, a rug is probably the last thing you want to add anywhere in your home. But it’s a risk I chose to take anyway because rugs are pretty 😛

It’s actually the first time in a long while that my new bedroom’s floors were cold tiles, so I felt suitably justified in getting one. No regrets so far. I like climbing down from my bed and straight into the fluffy feels of this rug, and I like sitting here sometimes. It also motivates me to clean my room more frequently than I used to before, so it’s a win-win situation all around.

It also helps I found this really gorgeous rug that complements my headboard and new bedroom colors quite well.

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Dried Flowers by Dried Flowers Philippines

For the life of me, I cannot keep a damn plant alive (sorry, Manna), but I still wanted to bring in some foliage in my new bedroom room without resorting to artificial plants. Dried flowers have been a pandemic obsession, a relationship that started when I was in quarantine for COVID-19 and wanted to buy something to brighten up my hotel.

Those dried flowers, along with some pampas grass I got from Sunday Studios, got damaged at some point during the home renovations. I saved the vases they came with and asked Dried Flowers Philippines to get creative with them, and they never disappoint! Chyrel styled some colorful dried flowers in a clear jar and stuck to beautiful neutrals to complement the amber one.

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Contact Paper from Aceking Home Decor

Another thing that got damaged in the home renovations was my aforementioned entertainment console, which was less than a year old (to be fair, it was laminate wood). Technically it’s still in great condition, but I could not reconcile with how ugly it had become.

To save myself from unnecessarily throwing it out, I rescued it with some contact paper instead. I chose a light wood texture since my closet doors were varnished dark, and I wanted to reclaim some brightness to my space.

Working with contact paper is easy—what was challenging is losing my patience with correct measurements. I also couldn’t seem to take out the knobs from the table, so I had to get creative in working around them. From afar, it looks great, but there are some details worth nitpicking at closer inspection. If at some point in the future I want to redo it, I have a lot of leftovers.

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Scented Candles by Elemento and Luscent

Even before the new bedroom, I developed a love for fancy scented candles. There’s something so romantic and relaxing about them, which are vibes I wanted to have.

My scented candles from Elemento are a couple of months old at this point. I purchased a bunch late last year, and it was a ridiculous splurge to use them back when we didn’t have power post-Odette (but I still lit them from time to time anyway). Then they went into storage for the past five or six months. I’m just glad they’re out again and being used the way they’re supposed to.

I purchased my very first scented candles from Luscent and will always have a fondness for them. Recently, those ran out, so it was as good of an excuse as any to try out their other scents.

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Window Treatments from The Blinds Style

I used to have curtains, but I never had dark enough ones that blocked the sunlight, especially in the mornings. The morning sun would wake me up as early as six in the morning, which wasn’t exactly healthy when I would sleep so late at night.

Just a few months before the home renovation, I ordered Korean-style blinds from an aunt who supplies them, and they made such a difference. They’ve since made their way to my new bedroom, and they’re helping me sleep in for a few hours more.

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It was such a thrill to decorate my new bedroom, and I’m happy with how it turned out. This posed quite the challenge for me—warmer neutrals are out of my comfort zone and most of my things from my previous room leaned more into grays and whites, so I had to find a way to make everything cohesive without throwing old stuff out.

While it’s far from my dream bedroom (that means a walk-in closet), this is a sanctuary I look forward to coming home to every day. In fact, I’m enjoying it way too much, I can barely get work done 😅 The next project is setting up my home office, but that might have to wait until the home renovations are done.

Special thanks to my lovely mom for indulging me in making this space truly my own, and to my good friend Candice for steering me in the right direction with her expert guidance.

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