I Found My New Favorite Facial

In the past two years, I started taking skincare more seriously.

A little too seriously, perhaps.

When I was in my early 20’s, it was something I took for granted. I only did it when I felt like it, or when I had new products to play around with. Otherwise, it was a terrible cycle of staying up late and sleeping with makeup on.

But then two years ago, I saw my first ever under-eye wrinkle and freaked.

It was a wake-up call—while I’ve been getting away with not taking care of my skin so far, age was going to catch up with me one way or another. But of course, with my propensity for being dramatic and my life goals to (not) age like my actual queen Ming-Na Wen, I went all-in with a 10-step routine.

Since then—save for a couple of dark months during the lockdown period—I’ve been fairly consistent with my skincare. Besides a physical form of self-care, taking a few minutes for myself did small wonders to my overall mental health. Not to mention, it tempered down the redness in my face that I thought was hopeless all this time.

My regimen has also been augmented with regular (and safe!) visits to KEVLO Skin Clinic, which has been taking care of me since November. It’s here I discovered my new favorite facial ever.

When it comes to facials, I never really saw them as something to enjoy, even if I don’t actually mind the pricking part. They meant self-care time, sure, but they were more of a necessity especially for getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads. I had first gone for their KEVLO Signature Facial and loved it for what it was, especially since I felt how they were so thorough about it, all the way to a back massage at the end.

The lovely ladies at their Casa Mira, Labangon branch encouraged me to go for the Vitamin HydraFusion Facial several times, always singing praises about it, that I was eventually swayed. That’s how I found my new favorite facial, ever.

The main reason I really enjoyed the Vitamin HydraFusion Facial is immediate gratification. The thing with skincare and most beauty treatments is you don’t always see results right away—they’re more of things you need to be consistent with if you want to see some payoff.

With the Vitamin HydraFusion Facial, my skin felt amazing after. Outwardly, it felt so soft and supple, but I also ‘felt’ results from within. I experienced a sensation of my face being so plump with hydration and all the good vitamins they infused if that even makes any sense. It’s definitely something you’ll understand when you try it out.

At Php 950, it’s one of KEVLO Skin Clinic’s more expensive facial offerings, but even that price is already affordable compared to similar establishments. It’s also worth it.

The Vitamin HydraFusion Facial goes through the same motions as a classic facial, so you get a deep cleansing, steaming to open up the pores, and extraction of whiteheads and blackheads. The pièce de résistance is a special machine that infuses fluids into your skin for better penetration. First, they’d do this with water while doing a vacuum to thoroughly remove debris from your pores, and then much later on, with a serum packed with vitamins. A mask then follows—so far I’ve had a charcoal one and a collagen one—then they’d run a cold roller on my face to close up the pores. And, of course, the much-appreciated back massage afterwards.

Fresh face after the Vitamin HydraFusion Facial at KEVLO Casa Mira

I first had this treatment in December, just before the holidays. Parties were far and few in between, though I did have some small gatherings with friends. Despite the insecurity of wearing less makeup due to having to deal with face masks, I got a couple of comments about how my skin looked great. So not only did I get instant gratification, but I also enjoyed lasting results—so much that I went back for another Vitamin HydraFusion Facial in early January!

One thing to further appreciate about going to KEVLO Skin Clinic is how they take biosafety protocols seriously: Advance bookings and face masks upon entering strictly are required. Clients go through a temperature scan before and are asked to fill out a contact tracing form. The staff is also in head-to-toe PPE, from a full bunny suit, a head cap, face masks, and gloves.

These measures are especially important for beauty treatments that need clients to be in close proximity to the staff. I’ve been going regularly since November and they’ve never once eased up on their protocols, which is very reassuring.

Coupled with incorporating some choice skincare products from KEVLO into my 10-step routine, and my face has never looked better.

Besides, with the future so uncertain, I need at least one thing to be clear—and that would be my skin.

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