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Taking Time and Beating the Holiday Rush with G-SHOCK

Once again, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been back in this space.

I tried to resist the urge to say that, considering that’s exactly how I opened my last post, but I figured it was actually quite fitting given what we’re writing about today.

For a few years, I’ve been a smartwatch girlie with my trusty Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 4, but since my Galaxy ZFlip 3… well, flipped out and I’m making the gradual transition to iOS in December, I found myself digging up my traditional watches.

My current collection isn’t much to write home about—a Lacoste Women’s Classic Quartz Watch, a Meister Ambassador MK III, and currently on loan from my aunt an unidentified Timex stainless steel watch—but these three on rotation have served me well these past few weeks.

If I’m being honest though, I was thisclose to buying a Casio.

With all my current watches being analog, I was in the mood to get myself something digital, but I still wanted that timeless look. Casio’s digital watches have been at the forefront of my mind, to the point the people at their SM Seaside City Cebu boutique have noted my frequent visits. Still, I have resisted the urge—so far.

But perhaps it’s just about timing, pun intended. G-SHOCK, Casio’s line of more ruggedized timewear, recently released their 40th Anniversary editions just in time for the start of the holiday season.

G-SHOCK’s Adventurer’s Stone

The G-SHOCK Adventurer’s Stone showcases a collection of spectacular metal-clad watches inspired by the stones adventurers used for navigation in ancient times. The metal bezel is given a one-of-a-kind look with the recreation of the colors of the minerals while the band is made extra special with the colored or translucent resin. 

Adventures are made more convenient for thrillseekers as the shock and water-resistant Adventurer’s Stone is also equipped with world time and calendar features. These limited-edition G-SHOCK watches—ranging from PHP 17,750 to PHP 22,180 SRP—are perfect for one who’s always on the go with a comfy and hip style to show!

G-SHOCK’s Recrystallized Series

The DW-5040PG model is an innovative new formation of the very first G-SHOCK, DW-5000, which debuted 40 years ago in April 1983. The limited-edition timepiece is clad in recrystallized and deep-layer hardened stainless steel, giving the watch a tough, sophisticated, and classy look.

The water and shock-resistant watches, which cost between PHP 25,510 to PHP 66, 530 SRP, also have solar-powered Bluetooth and radio control, a Super Illuminator that controls the watch’s readability in the dark, and special packaging. The Recrystallized series is everyday wear that suits loved ones who are more into the classy but tough look.

G-SHOCK’s Remaster Black

The limited edition Remaster Black series marks the G-SHOCK milestones with a selection of signature revivals in all black. The model names are imprinted on the Remaster Black band while the overall design is in G-SHOCK brand black accented with a gold-colored stainless steel band loop. The bezel and band are made of resins produced with renewable organic resources. 

The Remaster Black also embodies eco-consciousness with its special eco-friendly packaging that comes with an interchangeable bezel. Someone who has a relaxed personality reflecting their style will surely love to receive this piece! This watch collection ranges from PHP 9,800 to PHP 11, 650 SRP.

G-SHOCK’s Clear Remix Series

There is no limit to self-expression with the Clear Remix lineup! The see-through materials provide a look at the module substrate printed with the G mark and G-SHOCK logo. The back case features the Eric Haze-designed 40th logo, while the band loop is engraved with four stars in a nod to the special anniversary. The watch face also has the words “Since 1983” printed on it. Just like Remaster Black, Clear Remix also comes with eco-friendly packaging and is equipped with Super Illuminator.

Watches from the collection range from PHP 10,720 to PHP 16, 270. This watch best fits creative people who express their identity through their style as the watch can match any outfit.

Given that I’ve been gravitating towards a more classic look, the Recrystallized Series is right up my alley, and the one in gold is especially calling my name. It’s definitely a great thing, then, that all G-SHOCK 40th anniversary editions are now available in authorized stores nationwide and you can also learn more about them on the official website. So, which one’s your pick? — with PR

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